New device aims to keep Rx drugs out of the 'wrong hands'

NOVATO, Calif. — 4ThoughtProducts has announced the release of Pill Pod, a new safety device that serves as a "keyless" drug lock box for use in the home.

“We want people to take a responsible and proactive step by safeguarding their medications,” company owner Steve Small said. "The product is intended to provide convenience and ease of use for the prescribed patient while at the same time keeps drugs out of the 'wrong hands.'" 

Pill Pod uses a hinge-less design for its removable combination locking cover and comes with a pre-assigned, four-digit combination code. Its small size allows it to fit into standard medicine cabinets. The product also has the ability to store up to eight pill bottles as well as taller liquid bottles.

Pill Pod has a list price of $19.95 and is available on the company's website at It will soon be available at pharmacies across the nation, according to the company.



- 8:54 AM
cwhoag says

With over 60,000 young children ending up in the emergency room each year because they got in to medicine that wasn't locked away properly, this product has the potential to protect our kids. Unintentional ingestion of medicines and misuse of prescription medications is preventable. Other manufacturers should join with 4ThoughtProducts in designing and introducing products with the intention os simply and effectively preventing access to medicines.

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