New condom brand hopes to shape industry

LOS ANGELES — A new condom brand is looking to introduce new design concepts that it hopes will reshape the industry.

Origami condoms currently tout three patent-pending prototypes, designed for both men and women, which are undergoing clinical research. The condoms are designed to increase pleasure and to simultaneously improve safety.

"The new Origami condoms could mark the end of an era for the old latex condom," brand inventor Danny Resnic said. "The brand has reinvented condoms as we have known them. The prototypes are nonrolled, nonlatex [and] nonallergenic, and they were independently tested by the leading microbiology lab."

A product launch is anticipated by April 2014, Origami said. Visit for more information.


- 3:05 AM
tastees says

I'm curious how their so different! Especially as they say they don't roll on!? Are they like flavored condoms?

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