New BeKoool patch offers itch relief from poison ivy, insect bites

DALTON, Ga. — BeKoool, makers of a cooling soft gel sheet formulated for children to relieve fevers, announced last week a new product to relieve itching and scratching associated with insect bites, poison ivy and more.

BeKoool's Itch Relief Patches are clear and nearly invisible on skin, a first-of-its-kind, the company stated in a release, and can be used by anybody to cover and protect an irritated area of the skin preventing infection from excessive scratching.

“Our new Itch Relief Patches are ideal for active families who want to have fun outdoors and on vacation, and not worry about their kids’ insect bites getting infected from scratching or messy anti-itch creams wiping off on their clothes,” says Penny Caudill, product manager for BeKoool. “And the Itch Relief Patches come in a flat pouch that’s easy to keep on hand in purses and backpacks.”

BeKoool’s Itch Relief Patches can be used for fast relief from pains and itching associated with insect bites, poison ivy and other minor skin irritations, and they stay in place during spring and summer outdoor activities. Each box comes with 18 of the protective, clear, easy-to-use patches.

BeKoool’s new Itch Relief Patches can be found online at and, and in the anti-itch sections of the following retailers: Walmart, Dollar General, Harris Teeter and H-E-B.

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