Neutrogena, Creative Coalition emphasize importance of sun care

LOS ANGELES — Neutrogena has called upon the Creative Coalition, which is a nonprofit organization of the arts and entertainment community, to help educate the Hollywood creative community to change the way sun habits are portrayed in film and television.

Neutrogena, in partnership with the Creative Coalition, will combine sun care thought leadership with entertainment industry influence to communicate facts about skin cancer and convey the urgency of sending positive messages about the importance of sun protection.

"As the sun care leader, Neutrogena has a responsibility to educate on the importance of sun safety," stated Jim Colleran, president of Neutrogena. "We know films and television greatly influence consumer behavior, especially that of young adults, and we designed this initiative to start a dialogue to reinforce the importance of sun protection and de-glamorize tanning within pop culture. Neutrogena is hopeful that this campaign will gain the same momentum as the campaign to end onscreen tobacco use."

As part of Neutrogena's Choose Skin Health campaign, and longstanding commitment to education around safe sun behavior and practices, Neutrogena will work with the Creative Coalition to provide educational resources on safe sun practices to actors, writers, producers and directors. Neutrogena also announced its commitment to supply movie and television sets with sun protection products and cosmetics with SPF.

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