Nestle launches Juicy Juice Sparkling

GLENDALE, Calif. Families looking for the great taste of Juicy Juice and the crisp, refreshing kick found in carbonated beverages can look no further than new Juicy Juice Sparkling from Nestle.

Juicy Juice Sparkling fruit juice beverages contain no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors. The new beverages blend 70% real fruit juice with 30% lightly carbonated water and are an excellent source of vitamin C. Each flavor offers the goodness of real fruit juice and counts as one serving of fruit toward the daily recommended intake.

"Kids love the refreshment of carbonated drinks — especially as they get older, become more independent and see other kids drinking them. However, sodas and other sugar-added drinks can lack the nutritional benefits that kids need, plus they are often loaded with artificial colors and flavors," said Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, brand manager for Juicy Juice. "Nestle Juicy Juice Sparkling is a great way to provide kids with a fizzy beverage that tastes great and is a nutritious option."

Juicy Juice Sparkling will be available in stores nationwide at suggested retail prices of $2.68 to $2.99 for the four-bottle multipack, and 99 cents for single-serve cans.

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