Nestle creates irreverent character for Web-based Kit Kat product

SYDNEY, Australia Nestle has said that it will launch its Kit Kat Cookies and Cream product with a completely digital online campaign—the first time the brand has ever attempted such a launch.

Working in part with Australian communications group JWT/Sydney and RMG Connect, a digital marketing firm, the brand created a character called Hans Fagerlund, the champion of a fictitious sport called Chunga, which entails stacking Kit Kat Cookies and Cream bars. Spots on and video sharing services star comedian Jordan Raskopoulos who plays the silly, out-of-shape title character.

In addition to video spots on YouTube and Vimeo, fans can also add a Chunga application to their Facebook accounts where they can play against Hans Fagerland. He also has a profile featured on MySpace. Coming soon, Nestle said it will also launch a Chunga Web site that includes a blog, a Hans Fagerlund character history, free downloads and other interactive programs.

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