Nestlé introduces new lineup of Halloween treats

GLENDALE, Calif. — Nestlé USA Confections and Snacks on Thursday introduced its new sweets selection from Nerds, SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy, Butterfinger, Nestlé Crunch and more. The company also is offering three new Halloween candy variety packs.

"Moms want the convenience of bagged variety chocolate and sugar candy with prices that won’t break their budget,” said spokeswoman Tricia Bowles of Nestlé USA. “Our value-priced Halloween collection makes it easier than ever to give favorite classic treats to family, friends and trick-or-treaters.”

According to NDP Group’s Snack Track Holidays Halloween Profile, 8-out-of-10 families participate in multiple Halloween events, with candy making up 69% of Halloween-related items bought by consumers. This year’s Halloween collection from Nestlé Confections & Snacks includes:

  • Nestlé Nuts About Peanuts - Each package is filled with individually wrapped fun size pieces of Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Goobers and Oh Henry! (20 oz., SRP: $5.99);
  • WONKA Mixups - Each package includes 200 individually wrapped treat size pieces of SweeTARTS, Laffy Taffy, Bottlecaps and NERDS in assorted flavors (53.3 oz., SRP: $9.99);
  • SweeTarts Gummies - Individually wrapped pieces in cobweb printed packaging with assorted orange, lemon, blue raspberry, grape, apple and cherry flavors (10 oz., SRP: $2.99);
  • Wonka Trickster Treats - This value bag features an assortment of 425 individually wrapped pieces of Wonka’s most popular sweets -- Laffy Taffy, Gobstopper, SweeTarts and Spree (103 oz., SRP: $19.99);
  • Nestlé Chocolate and Sugar Variety bag - 215 pieces of Nestlé chocolate and sugar candy all-in-one handy bag – Nerds, Gobstoppers, Crunch and Butterfinger mini-size pieces (65 oz., SRP: $14.99);
  • Butterfinger Pumpkin - Butterfinger Pumpkins are crispy, crunchy, peanut-butter-filled Butterfinger pieces in creamy milk chocolate (1.2 oz., SRP: $0.69); and
  • Wonka Spooky Nerds Rope - Nerds are wrapped around a chewy gummy rope, featuring grape, orange and punch flavors adorned with festive Nerds, spiders and webs (25 oz., SRP: $4.99).
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