Nestea revives popular ad compaign

STAMFORD, Conn. — Nestea on Tuesday announced that it is reviving the "Nestea Plunge" advertising campaign. The overhaul is designed to promote the brand's new recipe, which contains more flavor with fewer calories, according to the brand.

The original "Take the Nestea Plunge" made its debut in the 1970s and ran through the 1990s. The ads featured individuals falling backward into a pool of water after indulging in Nestea.

“The Nestea Plunge epitomizes that invigorating dose of refreshment our fans expect from Nestea,” said Sara Hilliard, senior brand manager. “We’re thrilled to kick off the summer with the revival of this iconic campaign, as well as a better-tasting and lower-calorie Nestea than ever before.”

The new campaign will be brought to life by Publicis Hawkeye. The agency said that new ad spot will pay homage to the original commercial in a contemporary way. “The Nestea Plunge is an iconic, pop-culture campaign,” said Brad Roseberry, chief creative officer, Publicis Hawkeye. “We are taking a page from the past and reimaging it for a new generation. We hope it becomes as much a part of today’s culture as it was back then.”


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