Nestea enters portable water-enhancers market

STAMFORD, Conn. — Nestea Iced Tea launched on Thursday a new portable, customizable drink innovation: Nestea Liquid Water Enhancer.

Nestea Liquid Water Enhancer is concentrated liquid made from real tea leaves, has zero calories and contains natural flavors. It's easy to use. Simply squeeze the desired amount of liquid concentrate into any glass or bottle of water, stir or shake, and the drink is ready.

"We're thrilled to bring to market a product that makes delicious tea enjoyment just a glass or bottle of water away," said Sara Hilliard, senior marketing manager for Nestea. "Nestea Liquid Water Enhancers allow iced tea fans a way to get the refreshment they crave through this convenient, fun-to-use product." Nestea Liquid Water Enhancers will be marketed together with the company's portfolio of bottled water brands such as Nestle Pure Life, Poland Spring, Arrowhead and Ozarka, so consumers have two portable refreshment products at a special price.

Nestea Liquid Water Enhancers will be available exclusively at local Target stores starting in September with three flavors available — Iced Tea with Lemon, Iced Tea with Peach, Half & Half Iced Tea. Green Tea Citrus will be available in November at other locations, such as convenience and grocery stores.

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