Nespresso introduces Linizio Lungo for the morning coffee-drinker

NEW YORK — Nespresso on Monday announced the addition of Linizio Lungo to its range of high-quality coffee. Linizio Lungo is a rich, smooth, velvety coffee with mild character and sweet round cereal notes, expressly created for America's morning coffee drinker.

Created to provide a longer cup of coffee, Linizio Lungo joins the family of existing Nespresso Lungos: Vivalto Lungo, Decaffeinato Lungo and Fortissio Lungo.

Linizio, derived from the Italian inizio — the beginning, or initiation —evokes the start of the day. A pure Arabica from South America, Linizio Lungo is a well-rounded blend made of Brazilian and Colombian coffee. The Linizio Lungo Grand Cru, which will be part of the permanent Nespresso Lungo range, is designed like the rest of the range to be savored in a long cup or combined with fresh milk in cappuccinos and lattes, adding caramelized notes while preserving the roasted flavor.

Reflecting the time it is best enjoyed, the Linizio Lungo capsule is the warm, orange color of the rising sun. The new coffee is now available at Nespresso Flagship Boutiques, Nespresso Boutique-in-Shop locations, through the Nespresso Club and at A sleeve of Linizio Lungo will sell for $6.00.


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