NCPA supports drug disposal bills, makes approval recommendations

ALEXANDRIA, Va. A group representing the nation's independent pharmacies heralded two pieces of legislation that pertain to the safe disposal of prescription drugs.

The National Community Pharmacists Association announced its support of legislative efforts made by the House of Representatives and the Senate, which passed their respective drug disposal bills Wednesday and last month. NCPA also added that it was “a giant step forward to allow for controlled substances, which had previously been precluded from any disposal programs, to be included.”

The lobbying group did, however, express concern that neither bill passed by the legislative bodies will provide liability protections for participating pharmacies nor adequate funding mechanisms or grant programs to assist in the cost of responsible collection. These concerns were conveyed to the House prior to the vote, NCPA said.

“Independent community pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help Americans get rid of expired and unused prescription drugs,” said Joseph Harmison, NCPA president and pharmacy owner. “That’s why over 1,000 member pharmacies are now engaged in a successful drug disposal programs with Sharps Compliance Inc.”

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