NCPA moves to encourage more retailers to cease carrying tobacco products

ALEXANDRIA, Va. A professional organization representing community pharmacists is urging retail pharmacies not to sell tobacco products.

The National Community Pharmacists Association’s council has approved a resolution asking members to refrain from selling the products, in recognition of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout, on Thursday.

“Community pharmacies are renowned for helping their patients maintain good health, and the use of tobacco products is an unhealthy and potentially deadly habit,” NCPA chief executive and executive vice president Bruce Roberts said in a statement Wednesday. “While NCPA recognizes the need for these small business pharmacy owners to make autonomous decisions regarding the stocking of tobacco products, as healthcare providers in their communities, we encourage them to consider offering healthier alternatives to their patients.”

San Francisco’s board of supervisors approved a citywide ban on tobacco sales at retail pharmacies earlier this year, though Walgreens has challenged the ban in court. Boston is considering a similar ban.

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