NCPA lobbies Hawaii governor to sign two 'pharmacy-friendly' pieces of legislation

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The National Community Pharmacists Association on Thursday urged Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie to sign two bills into law that the association asserts will "protect patient pharmacy choice." One bill prohibits pharmacy benefits managers from using a patient's medical health information to market or advertise to that patient, and the other bill specifies that an otherwise qualified retail community pharmacy that requests to enter into a contractual retail pharmacy network agreement shall be considered part of a pharmacy benefit manager's retail pharmacy network for purposes of a beneficiary's right to choose where to purchase covered prescription drugs.

"NCPA strongly supports these two key pieces of legislation as a means to protect the ability of patients to choose where they want to address their medication needs," stated Douglas Hoey, NCPA CEO. "Some may wish to use mail-order pharmacies and can continue to do so under this legislation. But mail order is not for everyone, and patients should have the right to choose which type of pharmacy they prefer for their personal health needs," he said. 

"Patients should also be able to take care of their health needs with the knowledge that their personal medication records are secure and will not be used by large corporations to market a particular service or product," Hoey added. 



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