NCPA highlights Taxpayers Protection Alliance report criticizing mail-order pharmacy

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Federal prescription drug programs are more susceptible to waste, fraud and abuse because of the lack of transparency and oversight of mail-order pharmacy, proclaimed the Taxpayers Protection Alliance on Tuesday in a report called “The Expensive Truth Behind Taxpayer-Funded Mail Order Pharmaceuticals.” 

The National Community Pharmacists Association has committed to drawing further attention to the report as it advocates for patient choice of pharmacy and PBM reform with policymakers and health plan sponsors today. 

“The mission of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance is to hold the government accountable when taxpayers who fund government programs are being ill-served, so mail-order waste is a fitting area of focus," stated Doug Hoey, NCPA CEO. "As the TPA report notes, unused or unneeded medication shipped from mail order warehouses is a prime source of taxpayer-funded waste that policymakers should address.” 

“Given the significant and disconcerting shortcomings of the mail-order delivery programs, policy changes must be implemented to address the issues discussed in this report," TPA stated. "For starters, PBMs must adhere to and provide common sense forms of disclosure. Protecting patients and their ability to access the pharmacy of their choice is of great importance. Taxpayers … deserve transparency.”

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