NCPA emphasizes Dispose My Meds program during Patient Safety Awareness Week

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — In line with Patient Safety Awareness Week, which began Sunday, the National Community Pharmacists Association is encouraging patients to properly dispose of their expired or unused medications safely and effectively.

The NCPA's Dispose My Meds program, which was developed with Sharps Compliance, gives patients an effective solution to dealing with outdated prescriptions. By logging on to the Dispose My Meds website, consumers can find participating pharmacies by city, state or zip code to dispose of unused medications, excluding controlled substances.

“Pharmacists can help patients monitor what medications are taken, how they interact with other drugs, how effective they are and what side effects they might cause as a way to ensure maximum results,” said Robert Greenwood, NCPA president and pharmacy owner. “During Patient Safety Awareness Week, and anytime, we encourage patients to talk to their community pharmacists about medication safety and how to dispose of medications properly when they go unused or expire.”

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