NCPA applauds CMS' decision to allow indie pharmacies to provide diabetes testing supplies

ALEXANDRIA, Va. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' proposed legislation that would exempt owner-operated pharmacies from Medicare Part B recoupment efforts is drawing praise from the industry.

The National Community Pharmacists Association stated on Tuesday that exempting community pharmacies from the upcoming bidding process for Medicare Part B diabetes testing supplies, along with instructions that exempt most independent community pharmacies from accreditation requirements, "are wide-ranging and have significant implications for pharmacies."

Community pharmacies tend to be hit the hardest when it comes to recoupment activities, since the indie businesses cannot sustain with costs that only large chains can handle without sacrificing their entire business.

Acting EVP and CEO Douglas Hoey said, "Community pharmacists can be tremendous assets in the fight against diabetes. ... NCPA will continue reviewing both proposals carefully and will respond more formally to the proposed regulation during the comment period. We look forward to continuing to work with CMS officials to ensure that community pharmacists can continue to play a vital role in helping Medicare's diabetes patients maximize their health while controlling costs."

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