Navarro Discount Pharmacy implements EZ Meds packaging system to boost Rx adherence

MIAMI, Fla. — Navarro Discount Pharmacy, which operates 33 locations in Southern Florida, has introduced a compliance packaging program, EZ Meds Medicine Packaging System, that organizes a patient’s prescription medications into individual packets with labels and instructions.

“Lack of medication adherence has serious health implications and is the No. 1 reason why people become hospitalized. People taking medications face many challenges, such as consistent timing, interactions with food or other medicines taken and not understanding the need to take their medicine as prescribed,” stated Albert Garcia, Navarro’s EVP of pharmacy and president of Navarro Health Services. “Opportunities, such as EZ Meds, make it easier for people to adhere to their prescription regimens and keep track of their medications thus improving their quality of life and health outcomes.”

Launched by Navarro Health Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navarro Discount Pharmacy, EZ Meds is powered by the Parata EZ Med Machine purchased by Navarro for $500,000. The equipment is located in Navarro’s 2,500-sq.-ft. fulfillment center facility at its Medley headquarters where prescriptions are centralized for all of its pharmacy locations, maximizing efficiencies and allowing in-store pharmacists to spend more quality time with customers ensuring world class care.

How it works: Upon receiving a prescription, the Navarro pharmacy staff determines what medications can be packaged with the EZ Med Machine, which then packages the medicine according to dosage. A reusable dispenser box is provided including a roll of EZ Meds packets. Prescriptions enrolled in the EZ Meds program can be picked up at any Navarro location or delivered to a home or office.



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