Natural/organic food shoppers using coupons more often to cut spending

COLLINGSHEAD, N.J. A survey of 1,080 natural and organic consumers showed that nine in 10 are using more coupons in order to reduce their spending.

Mambo Sprouts Marketing conducted the study during the Dow Jones’ 700-point drop in September, and its results found that 99 percent were using an average of six to nine coupons weekly, spending $75-$99 per week on groceries and saving about $8 each grocery visit.  

Seventy percent frequently redeem coupons, and most obtain their coupons from in-store programs, newspapers and through the mail. Three in four used online printable coupons, while one in 10 used cell phone coupons.

Sixty-two percent regularly tried new brands or products with coupons, and 61 percent planned their grocery shopping around coupons. The survey found that more than half of these consumers would take advantage of more coupons if they were more available for natural and organic brands, rather than conventional ones.

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