Natural Squelch spray eliminates odors on skin, hair, clothes

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A new all-natural spray promises to not only cover up unwanted smells, but also eliminate them at the source, the company stated this week.

Squelch is an all-natural, non-toxic spray that is odorless. It is safe to use on skin, hair, clothes or any other source that may trap odors. Squelch also is hypoallergenic, does not stain or fade clothes and is environmentally friendly.

According to the company, odors can come from a variety of sources. Virtually all of these sources have common carbon molecule bonds that can cause odors. Squelch works by breaking apart these carbon bonds to eliminate the source of the odor, not just mask it, with its OdorBreak Technology.

Squelch is made with water, vegetable-based fatty acid, soybean oil, corn oil, sodium lauryl sulfate and other natural extracts. It comes in a diminutive, cylindrical tube ideal for portable use after the gym or work, or for use in the car and on the go.

Squelch will soon be available at retailers nationwide and is currently available on the company's website. It can be purchased individually or in quantities of three, six and 12. Squelch is made in the United States.

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