The Natural Dentist introduces sore throat products

MADISON, N.J. The Natural Dentist on Monday launched two throat spray products — one formulated for kids and one for adults — that will be available at a suggested retail price of $9.99.


“When we started our product research, we were disheartened at some of the ingredients traditional throat sprays contain, including up to 50% alcohol despite lingering controversies regarding the use of alcohol in oral care products,” stated Kelly Kaplan, president and COO of Revive Personal Products, parent company of The Natural Dentist.



The Natural Dentist sore throat spray soothes and moisturizes with pure vegetable glycerin and other all-natural ingredients, such as echinacea, goldenseal, calendula and grapefruit seed extract. The Natural Dentist sore throat spray for kids contains no alcohol and features an orange flavor, while the alcohol-free adult product comes in mint.


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