The Natural Dentist goes on tour to offer smile personality analysis

MEDFORD, Mass. They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile, and now oral care company and body language expert can help determine what your smile says about you.

The Natural Dentist, the natural oral care company, teamed up with renowned body language expert Patti Wood last month to launch a new program called The Smile Personality Analysis.

The Smile Personality Analysis, which can be found online at, recently wrapped up their 2007 tour, with stops including Cambridge, Mass., and Chicago. This mobile smile analysis allowed consumers to interact directly with the brand. Plans for a 2008 tour are under way, according to spokesperson Paula Van Gelder.

“A smile is an emotional reaction to a moment or experience, but a natural smile is also a telling sign of someone’s personality,” explained body language expert Patti Wood. “Our smiles are the mirrors of our personality; they express who we are, what we think and how we perceive the world.”

The company offers some tips to know if you’re smiling a natural smile. Among them:

  • If the eyes have little smile lines that tilt upward toward the eyebrows and if your lower eyelids lift to conceal your eyes as you smile, then it’s a truly happy smile.
  • When the cheeks are lifted full and high and deep lines emanate from the nose, it’s an expression of joy.
  • If you nose-wrinkle when you smile, you may be prone to giggling.

Visitors to the Web site can upload a photo of their natural smile and answer a few quick smile questions. Based on these two steps, the Smile Personality Analysis classifies the individual into one of four different personality types: the analyzer, the driver, the influencer, or the supporter.

“We’re an oral care brand that’s passionate about creating naturally strong products that inspire natural smiles,” explains Nancy Rosenzweig, chief executive officer of The Natural Dentist. “When you use The Natural Dentist products, you’re putting nature’s pure and powerful ingredients to work for your whole body health. You benefit from the clinical research behind our product line while enjoying the great taste.”

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