Natrol announces new Web site, new products

ANAHEIM, Calif. Natrol on Thursday announced a number of new product introductions to be showcased at 2008 Expo West, this week.

The new supplements include BioSil, a collagen-generating supplement formulated as a liquid, a capsule and a bone-building tablet with calcium and vitamin D and Natrol 5-HTP Time-Release 200mg, a plant-derived source of an amino acid that naturally increases the body’s level of serotonin.

Additionally, Natrol is re-launching its Web site and will feature a consumer quiz, called The Quest To Be Your Best. The quiz allows consumers seeking health information online to answer some quick questions in the following seven categories: digestive health, heart health, immune health, mood (anti-stress) health, healthy joints, healthy sleep and healthy weight. Consumers who take the quiz will receive information about Natrol products that can help them.

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