Napo sues Salix over breach of collaboration agreement commitments

RALEIGH, N.C. — Napo Pharmaceuticals has filed a lawsuit against Salix Pharmaceuticals, alleging that the latter breached commitments under an agreement to develop and commercialize a proprietary gastrointestinal compound.

Salix said that Napo's claims over its collaboration agreement concerning the development of crofelemer are without merit, adding that the drug maker plans to continue with the development and commercialization of crofelemer, in accordance with its past guidance and the terms of its collaboration agreement with Napo.

Crofelemer is Napo's lead drug candidate, according to the company's website, and is under development for gastrointestinal indications, including chronic diarrhea in patients living with HIV/AIDS.


- 3:35 PM
treyjunkin says

Hopefully they can both work together to create a better drug than either could make individually. This is going to be a tough case.

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