NanoMask final test shows better than 99 percent effectiveness

LAS VEGAS Emergency Filtration Products on Wednesday announced the results of the final report for the assessment of virucidal effectiveness of treated masks (the NanoMask filter media) using avian influenza virus from the independent testing laboratory which conducted the test.

According to the final report, the test resulted in a 99.96 percent reduction of the avian influenza virus.

The final report was based on filter media samples coated with a silver nanoparticle formulation which underwent one year of simulated aging. The sample was challenged with the avian influenza strain H9N2.

This result compares favorably with a previously disclosed result which indicated a 99.75 percent reduction obtained from a preliminary report by the same independent testing laboratory.

EFP plans to complete a series of tests necessary to the information required to support its 510(k) submission to the FDA for the NanoMask, the company announced in November, including tests of accelerated aging, with follow-on efficacy testing, which ascertains the product’s ability to kill pathogens after a prolonged period of time. This will help determine the NanoMask’s accurate shelf life for inventory purposes.

Other testing expected to be completed prior to completion of the accelerated aging test are leaching tests, which ensure that the silver nanoparticle formulation does not separate from the filter media.

Sales of the NanoMask have been held pending FDA approval, at least according to the handful of web sites advertising the NanoMask. The mask, however, appears to have been designed for the consumer market—there are presently five adult masks (yellow, green, red, blue and purple) and three child masks (yellow, green and purple), all advertised for $12.99 on Similarly, a 10-pack of replacement filters also retails for $12.99 on the site. 

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