Nails still nailing it

Pacific World's SensatioNail French manicure gel polish

Nails continue to be the rock star of beauty as the category has enjoyed significant innovation within the past few years. And one of the most game-changing developments within the mass market has been the introduction of at-home gel polish.

According to SymphonyIRI data for the 52 weeks ended Feb. 24 cited by beauty company Pacific World, color polish without gel polish climbed 22% during that period, but with gel polish included in the data, total color polish increased 26.4%. It is estimated that within the next year, gel polish retail sales will more than double and reach nearly $75 million to $80 million.

Meanwhile, manufacturers continue to innovate to bring additional gel polish products to the masses. For example, Pacific World, which makes SensatioNail, has hinted at a "significant innovative new item" coming in 2014.

In addition, Red Carpet Manicure recently launched more than 64 new products in 2013 alone, expanding the line beyond color options and introducing hand and nail treatments. And as an extension of the growing creative do-it-yourself trend, the brand also introduced Crystal Gems, Nail Glitz Designer Nail Glitters and Professional Nail Appliqués, along with a professional LED light with a USB port for added convenience

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