NAD recommends Cobalis, Lifes2Good modify supplement ads

NEW YORK The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus last week issued two decisions regarding dietary supplement advertising.

The agency determined that Cobalis Corp. can support certain claims for that company’s PreHistin dietary supplement product, but recommended the company modify or discontinue claims that PreHistin is a “pre-histamine” which means it regulates the release of histamine. And “PreHistin is the World’s First Pre Histamine.”

Cobalis agreed to abide by NAD’s decision.

In a separate decision, NAD determined that Lifes2Good Natural Healthcare also could support certain advertising claims for its Viviscal dietary supplement product, but needed to modify its advertising to assure it is gender-neutral.

NAD also recommended that the advertiser discontinue its claims that “Viviscal is doctor recommended” and that Lifes2Good discontinue its “before and after” photo comparison.

Lifes2Good, in its advertiser’s statement, noted that it “disagrees with NAD’s opinion that the studies which have been conducted on Viviscal are specific to men and cannot be extrapolated to women. However, the company said, “[I]n the spirit of cooperation … Lifes2Good will revise itsadvertisement to make certain it is ‘gender neutral’ … .”

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