NAD recommends ad modifications for Estroven

NEW YORK The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus on Wednesday recommended that Amerifit Brands modify advertising for its Estroven brand dietary supplement.

NAD examined evidence that included a number of studies on ingredients that found in Estroven, including black cohosh and valerian root. However, NAD determined that in the absence of any testing on the product itself, the advertiser’s “clinically proven” claims for Estroven were unsupported and recommended that they be discontinued. 

NAD did, however, find that the totality of the research indicated that these ingredients can “help” accomplish the claimed benefits. Accordingly, NAD recommended that the advertiser discontinue its clinically proven claims, but noted that it may make certain milder, ingredient performance claims—that Estroven contains black cohosh, isoflavones and valerian root, ingredients that may help reduce the symptoms associated with menopause and in the case of valerian root, may help one sleep. 

NAD also found that Amerifit provided a reasonable basis to support its sales and preference claims that “Estroven is the No. 1 pharmacist recommended supplement for menopause…” and “Estroven, with clinically proven ingredients, is the No. 1 choice among women for natural support during menopause,” as well as the claim that “Estroven is America’s top-selling women’s dietary supplement.” 

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