NAD finds in favor of Relaxane's ad claims

NEW YORK The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus has determined that advertising claims for Relaxane, a dietary supplement advertised by Indegene Pharmaceuticals to relieve the symptoms of stress, are supported by the evidence provided by the advertiser.

NAD examined labeling claims and Internet claims that included: 

  • “For the first time—a clinically tested non-addictive product that relieves the symptoms of everyday stress.”
  • “Relaxane is effective in managing everyday stress, it alleviates multiple symptoms of everyday stress—frustration, irritability, restlessness, stress-related gastrointestinal discomforts (fullness, bloating, cramps) and stress-related minor muscle pain.”
  • “Relaxane is designed to provide stress relief and address multiple symptoms of stress.”
  • “Relaxane is an innovative stress reducer, clinically tested, optimized plant-derived Natural molecular composition of valeriana officinalis, melissa officinalis, passiflora incarnata and petasites hybridus that work on the multiple symptoms of stress.”

The advertiser presented as evidence three studies performed on the product.

Following its review of the evidence, NAD was satisfied that the challenged advertising clearly conveys that Relaxane is for, and has been tested for, relief and alleviation of the symptoms associated with stress. NAD determined as well that the advertiser provided a reasonable basis for a claim that Relaxane, when taken as directed, is non-addictive.

Indigene Pharmaceuticals, in its advertiser’s statement, said the company is pleased that NAD has found that claims for Relaxane are substantiated. “In particular,” the company stated, “Indigene Pharmaceuticals, is pleased that NAD has found that clinical testing on a Relaxane product itself is the gold standard for supporting advertising claims.”

NAD, the advertising industry’s self-regulatory forum, has expanded its review of dietary-supplement advertising, pursuant to a series of grants made by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. 

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