NACDS uses Senate hearing to launch Principles of Healthcare Reform

WASHINGTON Entering a statement today in a Senate Finance Committee hearing—titled, “Seizing the New Opportunity for Health Reform”—National Association of Chain Drug Stores president and chief executive officer Steve Anderson took the opportunity to officially launch the organization’s Principles of Healthcare Reform.

The NACDS, renewing its commitment to promote the ways in which pharmacies can improve lives—while still making healthcare more efficient and affordable—continued to emphasize the role of pharmacies as the “Face of Neighborhood Healthcare.”

“The Principles highlight pharmacy’s ability to help improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of patient care,” Anderson said.

Pointing to health care as a major election issue, Anderson called the new principals “the next step in NACDS’ proactive approach to injecting pharmacy into its rightful place in the healthcare debate.”

“Utilizing these Principles, NACDS will continue to speak out when public policy threatens pharmacy,” said Anderson. “Whether its working to prevent dramatic Medicaid pharmacy reimbursement cuts that could force between 10,000 and 12,000 pharmacies out of business, or a call for proactive action to improve healthcare through technology such as electronic prescribing, NACDS will continue to work with Congress to ensure the value of pharmacy is contemplated in any effort to achieve the opportunities for healthcare reform at this unique time.”

Anderson’s full statement and the Principals of Healthcare Reform can be found here.

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