NACDS praises Obama’s victory, calls for bipartisan effort in Congress

ALEXANDRIA, Va. Sen. Barack Obama’s resounding victory in the 2008 presidential race drew congratulations from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, as well as a promise that the organization would work closely with the new administration on issues of concern to pharmacies and patients.

“Previously, we have had the opportunity to thank Senator Obama for cosponsoring legislation of importance to pharmacy. Today, we have the opportunity to congratulate President-elect Obama on his historic victory,” said NACDS president and chief executive officer Steve Anderson. “Immediately, we express our enthusiasm to continue to work with him, his administration and members of Congress of both parties to enhance the quality, affordability and accessibility of patient-centric healthcare.”

Calling Obama’s victory “historic,” Anderson also pointed to record contributions made by the NACDS Political Action Committee to the 2007-2008 election cycle. The PAC contributed more than $320,000 to candidates, according to the organization, with 60 percent of those funds going to Democratic candidates and 40 percent to Republicans. “ Of the more than 100 candidates supported by NACDS-PAC in the general elections, 92 percent were elected to office,” noted the group. “The PAC supported 103 House and Senate candidates in the primary and general elections; 93 of those candidates were victories in their respective races.”

There is little time, however, to savor victories, Anderson noted. “While it is important for us to recognize what we have achieved…there is tremendous work that lies ahead,” he said today. “The new government faces a challenging economy, states are struggling financially, and political momentum can build behind counterproductive policies at any time.

“Pharmacies are the face of neighborhood healthcare. NACDS remains focused on efforts to demonstrate critical role of pharmacists in counseling patients and helping them take and manage their medicines properly to ensure better health and lower healthcare costs.”

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