NACDS Foundation supports new NEHI report on care teams, medication adherence

ALEXANDRIA, Va. A report by the New England Healthcare Institute that addressed the role of care teams in improving medication adherence among patients has received support from the charitable arm of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.

The NACDS Foundation on Wednesday announced its support of the report "Medication Adherence and Care Teams: A Call for Demonstration Projects," which underscored the role of care teams -- specifically, a “virtual care team,” a collaboration between small physician practices, community pharmacists and other external health professionals -- in improving public health.


“Existing medical evidence supports the idea that team-based care can provide superior treatment of chronic conditions. Care teams are integral to the patient-centered medical home, and to other models of improved patient care that are designed to improve efficiency, affordability and, ultimately, patient outcomes,” the report noted.


NACDS Foundation president Edith Rosato applauded NEHI's report, which is part of the "Thinking Outside the Pillbox" series of reports that examine medication adherence.


“When medications are not taken correctly, public health suffers,” Rosato said. “This report continues land-breaking work by NEHI in raising awareness of this critical health challenge, and identifying potential solutions.”


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