NACDS finds support for TRICARE pilot among beneficiaries

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — NACDS has commissioned a poll of TRICARE beneficiaries that found broad interest for the TRICARE Acquisition Cost Parity Pilot Program for Retail Pharmacy. The pilot, included in the 2017 federal budget plan, would allow TRICARE beneficiaries to get their prescriptions from retail pharmacies, rather than by mail order or through military treatment facilities.

The Morning Consult survey found that 6-in-10 TRICARE patients think the ability to fill scripts at retail pharmacies would positively impact their health, and 9-in-10 agree that it is important that military family and veteran benefits can be accessed at local and private establishments, rather than just military health facilities.

Additionally, 8-in-10 TRICARE beneficiaries support the ability to fill prescriptions at retail pharmacies, with 5-in-10 strongly supporting it.

The poll comes as 21 senators have urged Defense Sec. James Mattis to implement the pilot as soon as possible before the Oct. 1 deadline for its implementation. The senators, in their letter to Mattis, highlight the cost savings that would result from lower purchasing costs and reduced administrative costs the pilot would bring about.

“This pilot comes at an essential moment in the healthcare discussion and has the potential to be truly beneficial for our military families and veterans, while also reducing costs for the Department of Defense,” NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson said when the senators sent their letter.

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