NACDS conference addresses advancing the value of pharmacy

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. An organization catering to the drug retailing industry hosted a conference that emphasized unity of small-to-medium sized retailers through common goals.

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores' Regional Chain Conference, held for its 29th year, is specifically geared for retailers that operate up to 250 chain drug stores. These businesses provide a unique setting for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to network and conduct business, NACDS said. Various business and education sessions were provided throughout the conference, which focused on pharmacy and front-end issues and trends, including healthcare reform, operational issues, social media and economic forecasts.

As part of these sessions, NACDS chairman Andy Giancamilli, Snyders Drug Stores CEO and CEO of Katz Group Canada, provided remarks highlighting what he has observed as chairman. Giancamilli stressed the member-driven nature of NACDS, the need to unite to confront common public policy goals, and increased involvement of NACDS members in political activism.

“I see a truly diverse and member-driven trade association that derives ever-increasing strength from common purpose,” said Giancamilli highlighting the shared goals and strengths of NACDS’ diverse membership. “There is more that unites us than divides us,” he said, highlighting the common goal of reforming Medicaid’s average manufacturer price pharmacy reimbursement model and advancing medication therapy management.

Proceeding Giancamilli, NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson, described NACDS’ cultural transformation to better serve its member companies in the areas of government advocacy, pro-pharmacy communications, member programs and meetings.

“We have resolved that pharmacy will not just talk about medication adherence, but own this issue, and proclaim that lives can be improved and saved, and costs can be reduced, by helping people take the right medications in the right ways... Our evolution in government affairs involves this simple realization: Getting wins is what matters,” Anderson said.

NACDS also announced that its 2011 Regional Chain Conference is scheduled for Feb. 6 -9, 2011, in Naples, Fla. Additional information on NACDS meetings is available at:

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