MyMedicalRecords offers free Personal Health Record in light of swine flu pandemic

LOS ANGELES MMR Information Systems through its subsidiary MyMedicalRecords is offering a free Personal Health Record and free surgical masks as a way to help consumers cope with and prepare for the possibility of a swine flu pandemic.

"The threat of a Swine Flu pandemic serves as a timely and urgent reminder why people need to have a Personal Health Record," stated Robert Lorsch, chairman and CEO of MMR Information Systems.  "In an emergency situation when decisions need to be made quickly, having all of one's medical information in one secure location, where it can be immediately accessed and shared with medical personnel, can mean the difference between life and death. The Obama Stimulus Package allocated $19 billion in funds to accelerate  widespread adoption of electronic medical records, citing their use in helping to reduce medical errors and save lives, and this threat provides a heightened sense of that need."

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