Mylan launches free EpiPen program

EpiPen4Schools to offer free injectors to private, public school students

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. — Drug maker Mylan will pass out free EpiPen injectors to children in schools, the company said Tuesday.

Mylan Specialty, the Mylan unit that makes the EpiPen (epinephrine), announced the launch of the EpiPen4Schools program. The program offers four free EpiPen or EpiPen Jr. injectors to public and private school students in kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, who have valid prescriptions.

The program is designed to help schools improve access to epinephrine in the event that a person experiences a serious allergic reaction at school.

"Anaphylaxis is a public health problem and a major safety issue in our nation's schools," Mylan CEO Heather Bresch said. "The EpiPen4Schools program underscores Mylan Specialty's commitment to helping schools become more aware of the risks of anaphylaxis and become better prepared to respond during an emergency."

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