Mylan to launch educational site about generic drugs

PITTSBURGH — Though more than 7-in-10 drugs dispensed in the United States today are generics, and the Food and Drug Administration holds generics to the same standards as branded drugs, misgivings among the general public still exist, fed by the occasional media report of patients experiencing bad side effects after taking certain generic drugs.

In response, generic drug maker Mylan has launched an educational site about generic drugs, The website will include facts about generics, information about savings that patients can get from generics and ways for patients to talk to their doctors and pharmacists.

“While the debate over healthcare reform continues, one of the only proven solutions for controlling the rise of healthcare costs is generic pharmaceuticals,” Mylan president Heather Bresch said. “Generic drug companies have been providing high-quality, FDA-approved affordable alternatives to expensive branded medications in the [United States] for more than 25 years.”

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