Mylan hires Julie Bowen in anaphylaxis campaign

School districts compete for $15,000 grants

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. — A subsidiary of drug maker Mylan is sponsoring a campaign to draw attention to severe allergic reactions.

Mylan Specialty announced the Raise Your Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness campaign, hiring actress Julie Bowen as a celebrity spokeswoman. The campaign will invite people to virtually "raise their hands" for their school districts by visiting; four winning school districts will receive grants of $15,000 to support educational programs.

"Since I joined the Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis campaign and started sharing my experience of raising a child with life-threatening allergies, so many people have in turn shared their personal stories with me," Bowen said. "It's been a real eye opener to realize how many parents, like me, didn't know their child had life-threatening allergies until anaphylaxis occurred."



- 10:43 PM
DannyMaxwell says

Great idea to help educate students about food allergies. During these events, please also help promote among food allergic students the importance of self carrying their Epipens. In the US almost all states have passed the "self carrying epinephrine law" but many students aren't aware of it and those that know about it aren't carrying them because the injectors are to big to put inside their pockets. There are discreet epipen carriers and concealed epipen holsters and even undergarment waist slings that make it easy to self carry their epinephrine so they need to also be informed about these solutions.

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