Mustela launches first digital ad campaign, reformulates products

NEW YORK — Mustela, a baby skin care and stretch marks brand, has introduced its first digital advertising campaign, which communicates the latest scientific discoveries about the vulnerability of babies’ skin and the subsequent reformulation of the Mustela Bébé product range.

 “In developing this campaign, we had two goals — reach moms where they are and speak to the needs of the American consumer,” stated Judy Carlo, managing director of Mustela. “Knowing the amount of time moms spend online and their thirst for information, we decided to launch this campaign as a purely digital endeavor, with the necessary balance of emotional cues and scientific information.”

The new campaign, entitled, “Scientific Revolution,” is grounded in the consumer insight that parents found the details of the scientific research behind the reformulation of the Mustela Bébé range “comforting,” the company stated. The campaign showcases this research as an advancement in protecting a new generation of babies for life, positioned as “Generation Mustela.” This reformulation also aims to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to creating products that are safe and effective, with a new standard of formulas that are made with an average of 92% ingredients of natural origin.

The immediate media plan for the campaign consists of banner ads, page takeovers, blogs and social media support on parenting and family sites. There are also plans to expand the campaign at the end of 2013 and beyond.

Mustela researchers analyzed babies’ skin starting from the first days of life, with a focus on not only the surface of the skin, but also within the epidermis. Using new, non-invasive in vivo technologies, Mustela was able to go beyond the traditional measurements of pH and hydration to study the changes in the skin barrier over time.

Findings indicated that at birth, skin contains a rich reserve of stem cells that contribute to maintaining skin’s overall balance. However, until the cutaneous barrier is fully formed (around 2 years of age), these cells remain extremely vulnerable and are easily compromised because of such daily stresses as air pollution, temperature variations and UV exposure.

With this knowledge, Mustela researchers set out to find a solution to provide parents with a new generation of formulas to protect skin at the earliest stages of life. The result: avocado perseose, a sugar capable of both supporting the development of the barrier function and protecting cells from day-to-day stresses. In-vitro testing conducted at the Expanscience Labs found that the presence of Avocado Perseose helped to preserve 80% of stem cell markers from one of the most aggressive external stressors, UV rays, the company stated.

Now, reformulated with avocado perseose, Mustela Bébé is a complete line of bath time, skin care, well being, diaper change and cleansing products for babies.

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