Muller Yogurt expands offering with new lowfat, Greek flavors

CHICAGO — Muller Quaker Dairy announced today the addition of four new flavors to its line of lowfat and Greek yogurts, as well as a promotional sponsorship with actress Malin Akerman to coincide with the July launch.

Muller FrutUp mango, Muller FrutUp orange, Muller Greek Corner pineapple passion fruit and Muller Greek Corner mango are the newest varieties to join the lineup of Muller yogurts and are now available at grocery stores nationwide.

All Muller yogurt varieties are made with reduced-fat, Grade A milk and are a good source of nutrients like calcium and protein. The products range from 140-220 calories per serving. The suggested retail price is $.99 for Muller FrutUp and $1.29 for Muller Corner and Muller Greek Corner.

Muller FrutUp varieties are topped with a whipped layer of fruit mousse. The mango and orange flavors join the existing lineup of lemon, strawberry, peach passion fruit, raspberry and blueberry flavored yogurts.

Muller Corner and Greek Corner yogurts come with an add-in side consumers can flip into their yogurt. Muller Corner yogurt comes in strawberry, blueberry, choco balls, crunchy granola and crispy crunch. Greek Corner varieties include the new pineapple passion fruit and mango joining the existing line of caramelized almonds, blackberry and raspberry, strawberry, and honeyed apricot.

Actress Malin Akerman is helping spread the word about Muller yogurt to the United States. After welcoming her first child in April and recently signing on to star in her first TV series with ABC's "Trophy Wife," Akerman has set out to shape up for summer. With two new important roles keeping her busy, she wants to make nutritious choices without sacrificing time, taste or nutrition.

"Now more than ever, I appreciate the little delights in each day. For me, that's everything from getting to spend extra time with my family to enjoying my favorite snack during a break on set," said Akerman. "I fell in love with Muller yogurt because it's a delicious, nutritious snack that's easy to grab and go."

Malin has these tips for savoring summer:

  • Don't Skip Breakfast. "It's important to start the day off right. Breakfast gives me the energy I need to start my day and keeps me from caving into all the bad options on set when hunger hits mid-morning."
  • A Moment of Bliss. "No matter how hectic the day gets, remember to take a break for the little things that make you happy. Right now, I'm loving new Muller FrutUp Mango, a creamy yogurt topped with whipped fruit mouse. I savor every bite."
  • Take a Stroll. "I always try to stay active. I love going on walks with my husband and son. I just put my baby in his stroller and we're off!"
  • Play Guessing Games. "I like to keep my muscles guessing so I'm always changing up my exercise routine. You can find me at a cycling class or pilates."
  • Buddy-up. "I really enjoy exercising outside in the summer. I like to grab a friend and go for a hike; it's nice to keep each other on track."

"We're excited about our association with Malin Akerman because she's a natural fit for Muller yogurt. She's a new mom with a zest for life and a busy schedule to boot, so she understands the importance of getting delicious nutrition on the go," added Barb Yehling, chief marketing officer, Muller Quaker Dairy.

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