Mscripts releases multilingual functionality for its prescription management app

SAN FRANCISCO — Pharmacy customers who use the Mscripts application to order, refill and manage their prescriptions now can do so in English or Spanish, the company announced Wednesday. They also can receive reminders to take their medications, making it easier to remain adherent to prescribed medication regimes.

Mscripts supports the mobile offerings of large pharmacy chains across the country.

"Many of our customers speak Spanish at home," stated Sergio Campos, chief information officer at Navarro Discount Pharmacies. "They are more comfortable using the Navarro Pharmacy Mobile App in their native language. We are thrilled to be able to provide this service to our customers."

The app changes languages based on the user's phone language settings.

"It takes more time to read something in a second language, and that delay is frustrating when you are using a technology as nimble as mobile," noted Mark Cullen, CEO of Mscripts. "Our customers should delight in the speed and convenience of managing their prescriptions, regardless of what language they speak. Mscripts is committed to providing ease of use in healthcare management. A significant factor in taking medications as prescribed is refilling medication on time and taking it on schedule. The bilingual service allows people to easily stay on top of their prescriptions."

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