Mott’s launches line of juice drinks

PLANO, TX — The nation’s leading apple juice brand has launched a new line of juice drinks that aims to offer an appealing combination of kid-friendly, bold flavors and reduced-sugar content.

Mott’s, a division of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, said it launched Fruit Punch Rush, Wild Grape Surge and Strawberry Boom with 40% less sugar than found in fruit juice, no artificial sweeteners and 100% of daily vitamin C requirement.

“Rush, Surge and Boom give kids another reason to enjoy Mott’s as they grow toward their teens,” said Meena Sen, director of marketing for Mott’s. “Parents want drinks that help nurture their children’s potential to be their very best, every day. As kids grow, they want more variety in their beverages, and these new juice drinks have the bold flavors that kids love and parents can feel good about.”

The products are hitting shelves at select national retailers this month and are available in 64 oz.- multi-serve containers and 8 oz.- six-packs. The company expects to have widespread national distribution by March.

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