Motley Fool: Building charging stations at the drug store? 'Brilliant'

NEW YORK — The Motley Fool on Tuesday published an article heralding Walgreens' foresight in building charging stations for electric vehicles at its stores.

"Admittedly, the thought of charging a car at Walgreens sounds ridiculous to me," Motley Fool analyst Aimee Duffy said. "[But] when the 800 stations are completed at the end of the year, Walgreens will own 40% of the charging stations in the country. That puts the company in an excellent position to not only dominate market share but to establish itself as the go-to brand for electric charging."

Duffy added, "Once you look at the numbers, though, ridiculous suddenly seems brilliant."

According to the report, the National Academies predicted that 13 million to 40 million electric vehicles will be on the road by 2030.

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