Morton peppers portfolio with sea salt products

CHICAGO Morton Salt is taking its new products to the sea.

Morton has expanded its portfolio with five new sea salt products:

  • The all-natural sea salt and iodized sea salt (harvested from waters of the Pacific Ocean), measure like table salt, are "recipe-ready" and are perfect for cooking and baking;
  • The new extra-coarse sea salt disposable grinder (with salt crystals from the Mediterranean Sea), brings out great flavor and adds a finishing touch to many meals;
  • The grinder refill bottle, one of the first to be offered in the grocery channel, allows the consumer to refill his or her reusable grinders with extra-coarse sea salt; and
  • The roasted garlic sea salt disposable grinder provides a flavorful spice to a variety of seafood, meat and salad dishes.

Morton's new sea salt products address the growing popularity of sea salt for use by home cooks and chefs, the company said. The entire sea salt portfolio now carries a new Morton look, while also featuring the iconic umbrella girl. The national advertising campaign of print, digital and retailer programs began in May.

"Our new line of sea salts capitalizes on the fastest-growing category in the table and specialty salt category," said company CEO Mark Roberts. "Since consumers are preparing more meals at home, Morton's sea salts provide the 'everyday cook' with more options for cooking, baking and flavoring [his or her] meals."

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