Morinaga America introduces Hi-Chew to U.S. consumers

LOS ANGELES Morinaga America is introducing the nation to a popular fruit chew in Japan.

Hi-Chew, available is six flavors, are featured on, where visitors can learn more about the candy, dubbed “a little piece of heaven” by its makers. To help generate excitement and stimulate curiosity in the Hi-Chew brand, Morinaga America is sponsoring a video/photo contest. The Hi-Chew “Anywhere, Anytime” contest encourages people to submit video or photos of friends and/or family enjoying Hi-Chew fruit chews. Once a month, an image is chosen from that month’s submissions and the winner receives a 30-day supply of their favorite Hi-Chew flavor.  The winning video/photo is featured on the Web site.

“Hi-Chew fruit chews are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before,”said Toshiya Yasuda, Morinaga America president, marketing and distribution channel for Hi-Chew in the U.S. “Our tag line, 'a little piece of heaven,' really captures the essence of the Hi-Chew taste sensation of the smooth, juicy, chewy texture and long-lasting flavors of Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Melon and Orange. Equally exciting is the introduction of the newest flavor Banana to coincide with the launch of the Web site.”

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