More than US$4.3 million donated for arthritis research in Canada

The Arthritis Society dedicates C$4.5 million to basic, applied research

TORONTO — The Arthritis Society is donating more than C$4.5 million for arthritis research in Canada, the group said Wednesday.

The organization, which is Canada's largest nongovernment funder of basic and applied arthritis researcher, said the funding will be used for established researchers and young investigators who are new to research. The amount is equivalent to US$4.36 million.

"The Arthritis Society is committed to setting lives in motion, and one of the ways we do this is through the funding of research that will have an impact on people living with arthritis today," Arthritis Society chief mission officer Joanne Simons said. "In addition, we are tremendously fortunate to fund many young investigators who are just beginning their careers in arthritis, a field of study that every day has the potential for a major breakthrough."


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