Moosehead Light beer meets U.S. markets

BOULDER, Colo. The U.S. importing division of Canada's oldest and largest independent brewery, Moosehead, has announced the U.S. launch of its premium light beer, Moosehead Light. The imported light beer will be available in 10 new markets starting April 2008.

A spokesperson from Moosehead Breweries said this is MooseheadOs first U.S. brand launch. Sales of Moosehead Light already have been very successful in Canada.

Moosehead Light's metallic blue label and carton were designed to complement the Moosehead Lager label. Moosehead Light will be packaged in the same green glass bottle as the lager.

Moosehead Breweries is family-owned and is, by production volume, CanadaOs third-largest beer producer, after Molson and Labatt breweries.

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