The Monday Campaigns aims to stomp out smoking

NEW YORK — The Great American Smokeout, which rallies smokers to kick the habit, will mark its 38th year on Nov. 21, and the Monday Campaigns aims to build on the event with the introduction of Quit and Stay Quit Monday.

According to the American Cancer Society, which organizes the Smokeout, smoking remains the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths in the United States. And while almost 70% of smokers want to quit, the average attempt at quitting lasts only eight days; only 5% of smokers will quit in a given year.

Quit and Stay Quit Monday gives individuals 52 chances a year to quit for good. They'll also have the opportunity to access information on such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to help stay in touch with others who are trying to quit.

"We help individuals, organizations and groups leverage Monday, the start of the week, to keep moving in the right direction," Sid Lerner, founder and chairman of the Monday Campaigns, said. "Our surveys and other research indicate there are weekly rhythms that seem to drive people's behaviors — Monday is a built-in reset on our calendar that provides a recurring opportunity for a fresh start when people are 'ready to buy' into health and most likely to benefit from external support."

The Monday Campaigns is a nonprofit organization in association with Johns Hopkins and Columbia and Syracuse universities. They aim to create a movement of both individuals and organizations that band together to commit to healthy behaviors that can help end preventable chronic diseases.

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