ModiFace introduces 'ultimate' virtual makeover app

NEW YORK — ModiFace, a provider of virtual makeover technologies and applications, announced on Thursday the launch of new virtual makeover technology for iPhones, iPads and Android phones/tablets.

"This is the result of an intense two years of [research and development] that focused on developing the most advanced, user-friendly and realistic virtual makeover experience ever created," ModiFace founder and CEO Parham Aarabi said. "Not only have we made a major upgrade to our core technology, but we also have added numerous features that redefine the traditional virtual makeover experience, including the Shade Creator, so that brands/users can add their own shades; SkinMatch, so that the application recommends the best products for a user's skin tone; and the instant look gallery, which utilizes a user-uploaded photo as the model. These unique features, along with our facial recognition and store-finder capability, have resulted in an application that, true to its name, is the ultimate virtual makeover tool."

The Ultimate Beauty virtual makeover app, available on iPhones, iPads and iPods, is a successor to ModiFace's MakeUp application and features:

  • On-device processing (thereby not requiring an Internet connection);

  • Facial recognition for accurately and instantly mapping the face (no longer needing to calibrate dots/points);

  • An instant look gallery that uses the user's own photo as the model;

  • Featuring ShadeMatch technology for realistically showing shine, glitter and different textures/intensities;

  • More than 1,000 actual cosmetics shades and more than 20 hairstyles;

  • Unique touch features, including the ability to touch facial features (e.g., eyes, lips and cheeks) to activate makeover options;

  • Social network and sharing integration with email, saving, Facebook and Twitter support;

  • A Shade Creator where users/brands can create or add their own colors into the application;

  • Ability to save favorite products to be purchased/store-mapped at any time;

  • Where-to-buy mapping functionality in the United States and Canada with nearly 10,000 pre-programmed retailers and stores; and

  • Automatic SkinMatch technology that takes the user's skin tone into account to suggest the best-matching foundation colors.

On Android phones and tablets, ModiFace is launching its MakeUp application with the on-device processing and ShadeMatch features noted above.

Both applications are available at the iTunes and Andoid App Stores.

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