connects consumers, retailers

CINCINNATI launched an online coupon creator that makes it easy for retailers and restaurants to create and distribute mobile and digital coupon offers.

How it works: includes built-in analytics so merchants can track and change their coupons at any time. This means that coupon offers can show real-time results and campaigns can be optimized immediately. In addition, coupons can be created for short time frames to fill slow demand time periods or as a special promotion. In less than 5 minutes, merchants can create and publish coupons through a simple user interface, said. Once approved, the offers are available to consumers everywhere through downloadable iPhone and Android apps, the mobile Web and wired Internet -- coupons are redeemed by showing the coupon on your phone. The product is free to both merchants and consumers.

Offers also can be printed from a desktop computer, sent to phone via text messaging, or searched and clipped from the mobile Web, iPhone or android app. reaches all consumers -- even those without a smartphone or Web-enabled phone, the company said.

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