Mizco launches cell phone carrier-pack chargers, headphones

Mizco International, a leading manufacturer and marketer of mobile technology products, is debuting a unique new line of cell phone carrier-pack chargers that are custom-designed to meet the space-challenged requirements of drug stores.

Mizco’s new Cellular Innovations carrier series is comprised of four models: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint-Nextel. The carrier pack model includes interchangeable connectors for all of the cell phone manufacturers supported by each carrier.

“Drug store owner/operators understand that cell phone accessories are an important part of their current merchandising programs that are only going to become an even larger profit center in the future,” said Sam Mizrahi, Mizco EVP. “The problem, however, with a lot of cell phone merchandising programs is that they are too large to implement and become quickly obsolete. Our new carrier pack charger line addresses both of those issues brilliantly.”

In addition to the cell phone carrier-pack chargers, Mizco’s iEssentials Sweet Sounds candy-colored headphones are full high performance stereo headphones that carry a suggested retail price of only $9.99.

For more information on the Cellular Innovations Carrier Series and iEssentials Sweet Sounds headphone displays, call (800) 266-4026 or visit www.Mizco.com.

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